Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Taxonomy & Biodiversity Animal Science ANS 5. 1.1
Animal Physiology & Biochemistry Animal Science ANS 5. 1.2
Cell Biology & Microbiology Animal Science ANS 5. 1.3
Methods in Physiology & Biochemistry Animal Science ANS 5. 1.4.
Advanced Magnetic Resonance Chemistry CHE501 MSc. Chemistry
Marine Chemistry Chemistry CHE5010 MSc. Chemistry
Materials Chemistry Chemistry CHE5011 MSc. Chemistry
Nano Chemistry Chemistry CHE5012 MSc. Chemistry
Natural Products Chemistry Chemistry CHE5013 MSc. Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry Chemistry CHE5014 MSc. Chemistry
Reagents and Methods in Organic Synthesis Chemistry CHE5015 MSc. Chemistry
Supramolecular Chemistry Chemistry CHE5016 MSc. Chemistry
Techniques in Organic Synthesis Chemistry CHE5017 MSc. Chemistry
Renewable Energy Chemistry CHE5018 MSc. Chemistry
Instrumental Methods of Analysis Chemistry CHE5019 MSc. Chemistry
Advanced Quantum Chemistry Chemistry CHE502 MSc. Chemistry
Chemistry of Biopolymers and Biochemical Reactions Chemistry CHE503 MSc. Chemistry
Computational Chemistry Chemistry CHE504 MSc. Chemistry
Electro-analytical Techniques Chemistry CHE505 MSc. Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry Chemistry CHE506 MSc. Chemistry
Green Chemistry Chemistry CHE507 MSc. Chemistry
Industrial Catalysis Chemistry CHE508 MSc. Chemistry
Inorganic Photochemistry Chemistry CHE509 MSc. Chemistry
Inorganic and Solid State Chemistry Chemistry CHE511 MSc. Chemistry
Organic Structure, Reactivity and Mechanism Chemistry CHE512 MSc. Chemistry
Symmetry and Group Theory Chemistry CHE513 MSc. Chemistry
Quantum chemistry Chemistry CHE514 MSc. Chemistry
Inorganic chemistry (Laboratory- 1) Chemistry CHE515 MSc. Chemistry
Organic Chemistry (Laboratory- 1) Chemistry CHE516 MSc. Chemistry
Coordination Chemistry Chemistry CHE521 MSc. Chemistry
Organic Reactions and Synthesis Chemistry CHE522 MSc. Chemistry
Themodynamics, Kinetic theory and Statistical mechanics Chemistry CHE523 MSc. Chemistry
Molecular Spectroscopy Chemistry CHE524 MSc. Chemistry
Physical chemistry (Laboratory-1) Chemistry CHE525 MSc. Chemistry
Organic Chemistry (Laboratory-II) Chemistry CHE526 MSc. Chemistry
Organo-metallic and Bio-inorganic Chemistry Chemistry CHE531 MSc. Chemistry
Organic Spectroscopy and Bio-organic Chemistry Chemistry CHE532 MSc. Chemistry
Reaction dynamics, surface and electro chemistry Chemistry CHE533 MSc. Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry (Laboratory– II) Chemistry CHE534 MSc. Chemistry
Computational Mathematics Computer Science CSC511 MSc. Computer Science
Programming Concepts Computer Science CSC512 MSc. Computer Science
Advanced Data Structure and Algorithms Computer Science CSC513 MSc. Computer Science
Digital Signal Processing Computer Science CSC514 MSc. Computer Science
Computational Intelligence Systems Computer Science CSC515 MSc. Computer Science
Cryptography and Network Security Computer Science CSC521 MSc. Computer Science
Image Processing Computer Science CSC522 MSc. Computer Science
Computer Graphics and Visualization Computer Science CSC523 MSc. Computer Science
Advanced Data Base Management Systems Computer Science CSC524 MSc. Computer Science
Data Mining Computer Science CSC531 MSc. Computer Science
Pattern Recognition Computer Science CSC532 MSc. Computer Science
High Performance Computing Computer Science CSC533 MSc. Computer Science
Research Methodology Computer Science CSC711 Ph.D in Computer Science
Geomorphology Geology GEOL5101 MSc. Geology
Structural Geology Geology GEOL5102 MSc. Geology
Palaeontology Geology GEOL5103 MSc. Geology
Structural Geology Practical Geology GEOL5104 MSc. Geology
Mineral Optics Practical Geology GEOL5105 MSc. Geology
Survey and Geological Field Training Geology GEOL5106 MSc. Geology
Igneous Petrology Geology GEOL5201 MSc. Geology
Metamorphic Petrology and Thermodynamics Geology GEOL5202 MSc. Geology
Geochemistry Geology GEOL5203 MSc. Geology
Igneous Petrology Practical Geology GEOL5204 MSc. Geology
Metamorphic Petrology Practical Geology GEOL5205 MSc. Geology
Sedimentology Geology GEOL5301 MSc. Geology
Ore Geology Geology GEOL5302 MSc. Geology
Exploration Geophysics Geology GEOL5303 MSc. Geology
Sedimentology Practical Geology GEOL5304 MSc. Geology
Economic Geology Practical Geology GEOL5305 MSc. Geology
GIS and Image Interpretation Practical Geology GEOL5306 MSc. Geology
Hydrogeology Geology GEOL5401 MSc. Geology
Stratigraphy Geology GEOL5402 MSc. Geology
Hydrogeology Practical Geology GEOL5403 MSc. Geology
Real Analysis Mathematics MSM511 MSc. Mathematics
Linear Algebra Mathematics MSM512 MSc. Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics Mathematics MSM513 MSc. Mathematics
Algebra - I Mathematics MSM514 MSc. Mathematics
Ordinary Differential Equations Mathematics MSM515 MSc. Mathematics
Algebra - II Mathematics MSM521 MSc. Mathematics
Complex Analysis Mathematics MSM522 MSc. Mathematics
Topology Mathematics MSM523 MSc. Mathematics
Multivariable Calculus Mathematics MSM524 MSc. Mathematics
Partial Differential Equations Mathematics MSM525 MSc. Mathematics
Functional Analysis Mathematics MSM531 MSc. Mathematics
Measure and Integration Mathematics MSM532 MSc. Mathematics
Numerical Analysis Mathematics MSM533 MSc. Mathematics
Plant Diversity I (Algae, Fungi, Lichens and Bryophytes) Plant Science BPS511 Msc. Plant Science
Plant Diversity II (Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Palaeobotany) Plant Science BPS512 Msc. Plant Science
Ecology of Plants Plant Science BPS513 Msc. Plant Science
Cell and Molecular Biology Plant Science BPS514 Msc. Plant Science
Genetics and Cytogenetics Plant Science BPS515 Msc. Plant Science
Plant Systematics Plant Science BPS521 Msc. Plant Science
Plant Biochemistry and Physiology Plant Science BPS522 Msc. Plant Science
Recombinant DNA Technology and Plant Genetic Engineering Plant Science BPS523 Msc. Plant Science
Omics Approaches in Plant Science Plant Science BPS524 Msc. Plant Science
Developmental Biology of the Plants Plant Science BPS531 Msc. Plant Science
Plant-Pathogen Interactions Plant Science BPS532 Msc. Plant Science
Methods in Plant Biology Plant Science BPS533 Msc. Plant Science
Economic Botany Plant Science BPS541 Msc. Plant Science
History and Development of Professional Social Work Social Work HMS5101 MSW
Fundamentals of Psychology for Social Work Practice Social Work HMS5102 MSW
Social Case Work Social Work HMS5103 MSW
Social Group Work Social Work HMS5104 MSW
Social Sciences for Social Work Social Work HMS5201 MSW
Community Organization and Social Action Social Work HMS5202 MSW
Social Work Research and Statistical Applications Social Work HMS5203 MSW
Social Welfare Administration Social Work HMS5204 MSW
Theory and Practice of Counselling Social Work HMS5301 MSW
Social Policy and Social Legislation Social Work HMS5401 MSW
Social Work Research Social Work PHDSW101 Ph.D in Social Work
Contemporary Social Work Social Work PHDSW102 Ph.D in Social Work